Artist: Gord Lang
I often wonder just how far it is I have to go
To reach my journey's end and how it is I'll I ever know
In the face of life's distractions can I ever find my way
To the Land of Promise where the Living Waters flow

But time is passing and I'm closer than I used to be
I've caught the vision and it's burning deep inside of me
And I'm persuaded more than ever with each dawning day
I'm one step closer to my Home for all eternity

Many times I lose direction but I travel on
My God is Faithful when I stumble and all hope is gone
I can hear His words of comfort when the darkness covers me
It's so good to feel His presence with each coming dawn

I know I'm closer now than ever to my destiny
Each day my soul is getting restless for eternity
I'm excited by the mem'ries of the ones who've gone before
But in the presence of my Lord - that's where I long to be