Hold Me Close
Artist: Gord Lang
There’s so many things I've tried - there's so many tears I've cried,
There's so many places I have longed to be
To be free from this world’s harms - in a Father's loving arms
Just to have Someone to love and comfort me.

Hold me close when I cry - hold me close when I feel dry
When I've tried and I've failed to take my stand
How I need your gentle touch - Lord I long for you so much
To hold me close as I get near Your Promised Land

I think of all the times I've failed - at Your altar I have wailed
For the knowledge of Your peace to flow through me
Still no matter what I've done - You let me know that I'm Your son
And I've felt Your warm embrace so tenderly

You are all my righteousness You're the One I long to bless
With the fruit of my living in this life
Still of all the things on earth – there’s nothing else to me is that’s worth
The knowing You will hold me through the sin and strife