I Belong
Artist: Gord Lang
I stood on the platform of life's auctioneer
The clamor of bidding was all I could hear
The highest price offered was my destiny
I'd belong to whoever would settle for me

I belong to the One who paid dearly for me
Who opened my blind eyes and caused me to see
To the One who redeemed me and gave me this song
From this day and forever – I belong
(To the One who redeemed me – I belong)

Though battered from use He saw value in me
I was worth more to Him than what others could see
Amid all complaints and unwarranted strife
In the final transaction I cost Him His life

( I Belong)

Now every day still the offers come in
Seductive - disguised by a world full of sin
But I'll always remember the price that He paid
And I thank Him each day for the choice that He made