I Won't Let You Go
Artist: Gord Lang
Lord I won't let You go 'til You bless me - 'til Your promises all come true
' Doesn't matter to me just how long it may take I'm going to hang on to You
I've made some mistakes that I truly regret but I've left them all behind
At the end of the day when my struggles are done Your promise is still on my mind

I won't let You go when my strength is all gone and I'm facing the threat of defeat
When it seems like the only thing left to do is to turn away and retreat
But I haven't come this far by faith just to run away and hide
I'm going to keep holding on to You in spite of the tears that I've cried

I won't let You go when the pleasures of life try to draw me away from Your love
While the only thrill that I'm longing for is the peace that comes from above
But I know Your joy will be my strength for whatever I face today
And the path that's leading me on to You – for me it's the only Way

I won't let You go when the finish line comes into view not so far away
When I've fought the fight and I've finished the course that You set before me each day
When I lay my crown at Your nail-scarred feet in final surrender to You
I'll be satisfied just knowing I've done everything that You told me to do