Raise Up A Standard
Artist: Gord Lang
Raise up a standard let the enemy know
This is sovereign land where only freedom can grow
When troubles surround like an unstoppable flood
We will overcome by the power of the blood
If You raise up a standard against him – let the enemy know

It was all so easy from this point-of-view
We had been here before so we knew what to do
Waiting in prayer would be a waste of time
When there were gates to batter and walls to climb
'Til we saw the enemy coming – and it was all up to You

So Lord what happened to the promise You made
That You would go before and we would not be afraid
Just let us know that You'll be with us still
If we will only listen and follow Your will
For the price of our sinful wand'ring - has already been paid

We stand again where we stood once before
And we're apprehensive to what You have in store
We're not going to make the same mistakes again
We have learned to listen in spite of the pain
This time we're going to enter through the wide open door