Crowns Don't Come Easy
Artist: Gord Lang
Did you really think that living this life would garner approval for you
And maybe they told you that all was accomplished – there was nothing that you had to do
But when you experience disappointments and troubles you didn't foresee
Rejoice in the Hope that is set before you – a home for eternity

Crowns don't come easy and you won't win the victory without any cost
You'll be running this race 'til the line has been crossed
And maybe you'll falter in the pace that's been set
Keep your eyes on the prize and don't ever forget – crowns don't come easy

You say you're discouraged and nothing seems right though you've done everything you've been told
And it seems you've been destined for Silver or Bronze – every time you were striving for Gold
Still something within you keeps driving you on - that last spark of hope just won't die
In spite of the obstacles placed in your path you know that you still have to try

It's all coming down to that one final sprint and the finish line comes into view
The thunderous crowd's going wild with delight – you know that they're cheering for you
The Master is smiling He's clearly impressed with all of your efforts to win
In spite of the accolades of all the others you know that its all about Him