Simon's Song
Artist: Gord Lang
I'll always remember the day that I met Him outside of Jerusalem's gate
Accused of committing unpard'nable sins – and condemned to a criminal's fate
They said He was worse than Barabbas the rebel – defying the laws of the day
Battered and bruised now the weight of the cross made Him stumble along the way

They never did prove that He broke any laws it was all circumstantial at best
I couldn't believe the injustice they rendered - the truth was never addressed
So many accused Him of all kinds of sins although no one could show any loss
Through all of the trial He suffered alone - until I had to carry His cross

They said He was Jesus the prophet from Naz'reth and surely I'd heard of His name
He had nothing to drink to provide for His thirst and nothing to cover His shame
There wasn't a hint that He bore any vengeance - compassion was all that I saw
The Roman who forced me to carry His burden was merely imposing the law

They mocked Him and told how He'd saved many others but now He was helpless and weak
In spite of ridiculous accusations He clearly refused to speak
Then they dared Him to call down the heavenly host just to rescue Him out of their hands
But His only words were Father forgive them – there's no one who understands

It's been several years but with each passing day now the drama still plays in my mind
And the Light of The World is still bringing sight to those who are wandering blind
Today its a different burden I carry for all of the sheep who are lost
I count it a priv'lege with each passing day now that I get to carry His cross