Starting Today
Artist: Gord Lang
All my life I sought for attention I didn't want to merely survive
I didn't care how I trampled on others – as long as it kept me alive
But the wealth I collected never filled up the void as the greed kept driving me on
So I gave it all up when I met with the Hope of a brand new dawn

And starting today I want to tell everyone about the mercy I've found
Let His praise fill my mouth with a joyful sound
I'm gonna do everything that He wants me to do – I'm gonna say what He wants me to say
Things are gonna be different – starting today

In my heart I knew I was sinful but I craved the acceptance of man
I just lived for the joy of the moment true love wasn't part of the plan
Til my sin was exposed to everyone in the crowd who wanted to stone me that day
But I wasn't condemned - “don't sin anymore” - that was all He'd say

I was raised in the truth of the scriptures living right came easy to me
So proud to be one of the chosen – I hoped all around me could see
Til I realized that I truly was nothing when compared to the light of the Word
Now my life's direction is the Living Way since I met the Lord