Artist: Beggar at the Door

Verse 1
That we love one another is how they know we belong to Him
dead to sin, new creation
and that we serve one another is how we show what love looks like
when we do it right, put aside our own lives and

Love Him with all our heart, all our strength, all our soul, all our mind
and love others as ourselves, unify, to ourselves die, and live for Christ

Verse 2
We’re created in Christ to do good works and love our neighbors
and not just some, but everyone
but we’re not saved by our works so no one should boast or become proud
like the rest of the crowd we need grace to learn how to


Blessed be the peacemakers their called the children of God
and blessed are those persecuted for Christ’s righteous cause
if someone slaps you on one check turn to him the other too
vengeance is not for you, what you need to do