Artist: Beggar at the Door

Verse 1
Lord God, I tried to run, run away from you from you
I feel I've been wandering in a desert of my own making
from you for so long so long
and now I'm sittin here thinkin to myself
what more can i do without you

To whom else can i go to whom else can i go
you have the words, the words of life
and whom else shall i fear tell me whom else shall i fear
when your the word of life you are the word of life

Verse 2
Well i am stubborn and I've been determined not to let you in again
can you help my heart to soften from the stone its been
cause i can still remember a time when lovin you is all that i wanted to do
and to have you love me too
when I'm alone at night i start to wonder was it worth it walking away from you
but i try not to think too much about this road I'm on far away from you
getting farther away