Artist: Beggar at the Door

Verse 1
God didn't call me to make me happy
no He did not choose me to make me high (or just to make me high)
Jesus came to earth and was a servant
living for myself i cant justify

Chorus 1
Lead us not into temptation
but deliver us from all evil things
give us strength give us courage to do whats right in your sight
and to walk thru whatever your will brings

Verse 2
a woman she gave her 2 copper coins
not very much but she gave all that she had
another was told to sell his belongings
give to the poor but he went away sad

Chorus 2
do not lay up treasure on earth
where thief and rust and moth will surely destroy
but lay up treasure in heaven
for where your treasure is your heart will also be stored

He didn't call us to be comfortable
He didn't call us to live only for here and now
but He did call us to good works He's prepared for us
lived out in service and love

Verse 3
Jesus healed many souls when He was here
and He is willing to heal us if we ask
look up for your redemption is drawing near
stand firm to the very last

Chorus 3
Rejoice rejoice for the stories are true
and He is coming back for me and you