Same Man
Artist: In His Commission

(Dad’s intro!!!) - (verse 1)
Did you hear?
Did you hear what they called him?
Did you hear what they said?
Same man going round doing good –
Raised men from the dead.

I hear him coming now, I sure hope he passes by me.
Oh, I’d like to have him touch my blinded eyes
That I might finally see.
(Verse 1)
(New intro - rock lead – bill – chorus)

Son of David, Son of Man
King of kings, the great I am.
Son of David, to the sheep the door
Lamb of God, Lord of Lords.

Son of David, Holy and Righteous One
Born of a virgin, the only Begotten Son.
Son of David, Light of the World
Bright and Morning Star, Wonderful.

Son of David, Jesus
Same man going round doing good

Son of David, faithful and true
Lion of Judah, king of the Jews

Son of David, the beginning and end
Everlasting Father, amen.

(Chorus) x2
Bill - Altro Dad - Tag