Always There
Artist: Derek McCorkell
Always There by Derek McCorkell copyright 2017
Key of D 140 bpm.

Here I sit all alone with my darkness
Barely just keeping my Demons at bay,
Thinking how in the world can I end this,
Asking ,What can I do , What can I say,
This road that we walk can get rocky,
Sometimes we stumble ,Sometimes we fall.
Yet I know you are walking there with me,
Helping me slowly make sense of it all .

Always there, When I call you ,
Keeping me safe, in the dark of the night ,
Always there , when I need you ,
My steadfast defender , keeping me right .
Sweet light of the World when my vision grows dim ,
My strength in my deepest despair ,
When I'm lost and bewildered you welcome me in ,
And surround me with your love and care .
Always there , you're always there , Always there .You're Always There.

Demons will always pursue us ,
Trying so hard to lead us astray ,
But try as they might Lord they can't dim the light
Of your love as you drive them away .

Always there, with arms wide open .
Offering comfort , to all souls in pain ,
Always there , for the broken ,
The Hearts that are hurting , made whole again,
Your great Love and Mercy , Shall forever remain,
For all those who seek you To find,
You're forever unchanging,Forever the same ,
And your Salvation is there for Mankind.
Always there , You,re always there , Always There ,You're Always there