Dear God
Artist: Derek McCorkell
Dear God By Derek McCorkell
March 2016

Verse 1
Dear God, hello it's me,
The devout unbeliever , who lives at number 23,
I thought I'd stop and spend some time with you,
I've got no-one else to turn to, maybe you can help me through,
One more night, Just one more day,
I know you know I don't believe but I'm asking anyway,
Dear God.

Verse 2
They say you'll never turn away,
Anyone who calls your name.
So I'm calling, can you hear me, can you help to heal this pain,
I need someone that I can talk to, help me please,
I ask you now into my heart,look I'm even on my knees
Dear God

I could scream & shout, but what good would screaming do,
So in my darkest hour I choose a higher power
and I place my trust in you . Dear God