08 A work that lasts
Artist: Joe and Angela Garrity
8-A work that lasts

Song order: Verse 1, Chorus, verse 2, Chorus, Verse 3, Chorus

Verse 1:

Father, how I love you
__G D/F#m ____Em ____A
I want to see your kingdom come
D ____Em __ A
I'm learning daily how to see
____ G ____ Em ____A
That in your love we can be one


________ G ____ A
I want a work that lasts
D D/C#m __ D/B
On a strong and firm foundation
__ Em ____ A
That will stand and not be shaken
G____ A ______ D
And endures until the end

Verse 2:

Try my thoughts and motives
G __D/F#m ____Em ____A
Change me, Lord in all my ways
D Em __ A
How I long to serve you fully
G ______Em________A
For the glory of your praise

Verse 3:

Lord, you laid your life down
G____ D/F#m____Em A
Showing us the way to live
D Em __ A
Help us, Jesus, live for others
G ______Em A
'Till there's nothing we won't give