Do You Know the Love of the Father
Artist: graphite412
Samuel's Song (Do You Know?)

G______ D____________________ Em________ C
Do you know the love of the Father, the love that He has for you?

Do you know the joy of the Father, the joy that He has over you?__________(V1 2x)

G________________________D______________________ Em__
With one glance of your eye__________you have ravished His heart

G____________________________ D______________Em
And with one word from your mouth, you have caught His eye.

C________________ Em______________________C______________ Em
You have ravished His heart, you have caught His eye.

G________ D__________________ Em____________ C
You are greatly loved by the King of all kings,

__________G____ D____________________Em________________C
By my Beloved One,__________by the Creator of all things.