Unfailing Love
Artist: graphite412
Unfailing love__

(Verse 1)

Am ____Dm ____ C ____________ __________________ F__ Dm
If I prophesy and have the faith to move the mountains; but I don't have love, It
profits nothing

If I feed the hungry and give my body to the flames; but I don't have love, I gain nothing


C__________Em__ Am____F
I'd rather be a slave in love

Than to be a king empty on the inside


C______________ G____________Dm ________Am
Break me down, clean me up, heal my heart, and fill my cup

I want to love you like you love me


C__________________ G______________________ Am

(Verse 2)

F__________ C______G__________ Am
Love never fails, love always wins

Love never ceases, and it always hopes again

Love bears all things, believes all things;

Hopes all things, and endures all things