O, Sing We
Artist: Susan Hawthorne
O Sing We, by Susan K Hawthorne

O, sing we of the fireside, and high themes of love,
And sing we of a moonlit night with clean stars above,
And sing we of a music fair that wings on the breeze,
But the heights of His holiness are higher than these.

O, sing we of a summer day, of seasons and years,
And sing we of a merry life, it's yearning and tears,
And sing we of the reign of time from dawning to close,
But the love of my Savior lasts longer than those.

O, sing we of a history, of ages untold,
And sing we of the ocean deep, and strategies bold,
And sing we life's mystery--the womb and the pall,
But the depths of His living Word are deeper than all.

O, Jesus, our incarnate God, forgive us, we pray,
For so loving these fleeting things that soon pass away,
While leaving you just a little room, a manger and stall.
O, enter our waiting hearts, and reign over all!

©Copyright 2010 by Susan K Hawthorne,
Released under Creative Commons License Attributive, Non-Commerical, No-Derivative Works, US, 3.0