Only For You
Artist: Susan Hawthorne
Only for You, by Susan K Hawthorne

Only for You, dear Lord of mine,
Only for You,
I’ve set aside this quiet time,
My offering true.
And I don’t know where your words will lead my mind,
But I know it’s to a place I long to find.

Only with you, oh, Lord of Time,
Only with you,
Can I leave worry far behind
And be made new.
And the people that I wanted to impress
Must see more of You,
And I must become less,

In land where souls are separate,
And withering off the Vine.
I need to know that I am Yours
And, Savior, You are mine.

Oh, let’s knit our hearts to His heart,
Let us make more room for grace.
His peace runs deep within us
As we gaze upon His face.

Only by you, oh King of Hearts,
Only by you.
Can I fulfill my destined part,
My things to do.
And I marvel You’ve prepared them in advance,
So I’m trusting hard, and grateful for the chance.
Only by You.

In a universe that shouts Your name
While the people stop their ears.
May the life I live be evidence,
And my love break down their fears.

May each purpose I propose be Yours
And each message lived ring true.
May I help to heal the wounds of war
That Your children have lived through.

And the "be-all-end-all" lies men follow
Take their toll and leave them hollow,
But my life is simple, full and true
Because of You.

©2010 by Susan K Hawthorne
Released under the Creative Commons Attributive, Non-Commericial, No-Derivative-Wks. 3.0 US license.