Overshadow Me
Artist: Susan Hawthorne
Overshadow Me

Overshadow me, O Lord.
Overshadow me.
May the shadow of Your cross
Keep me true at any cost.
Help me die to save the lost.
Overshadow me.

Overrule me, Holy King.
Overrule in everything.
Take my foolish fantasies,
Choices not ordained to be.
Overrule and oversee.
Overrule me.

Captivate my heart, O Friend!
Captivate me to the end.
May I hold you tenderly
For a vast eternity.
Spread your mantle over me.
Captivate my heart.

Rain Your light on me, O Sun.
May I be a radiant one.
May the fullness of your grace
Wash full-blown upon my face.
Let the darkness leave no trace.
Rain Your light on me.

Be my shield, O Risen One,
Till this warrior’s work is done.
Let the folding of your wings
Hide me from the tempter’s sting.
Teach me how to rest and sing.
Be a shield to me.

Hedge me in , O Shepherd Guide.
Hedge me in on every side.
Warn anew this traitor’s heart,
Before treachery can start.
Let my life reflect Your art.
Be a shield to me,
Rain Your light on me,
Captivate my heart,
Overrule, my Lord,
And overshadow me.

© 2010 by Susan K Hawthorne
Released under Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial, Non-Derivative Works License US 3.0