The Church Renewed
Artist: Susan Hawthorne
The Church Renewed,
by Susan K Hawthorne

1. High o’er the rocky crag,
The keen-eyed, gallant eagle wings.
Fair in her golden strength,
She cries to Heaven when she sings.
Borne on a lofty wind
That freshens canyon cliff and floor,
Soaring, just like the Church,
As Spirit wings her youth restore.

Wrap us in your strength, O Father.
Bravely let your Church arise.
Push us past our fears and failures.
Stretch our wings and train our eyes.

2. Deep in the heart-spring’s well,
The pride of life, the thirst for gain
Weaken the Church’s course,
Becloud its purpose, soil its name.
Jesus, Your wholesome touch
Must drive each deadly thought away.
Make us as fervent now
As when we first saw Heaven’s ray.

Wash us in your grace, O Father.
Pure and sure, Your Church shall rise.
Let no poison taint our witness
Guard our souls from compromise.

Keep us trusting You and wise.
Aim our efforts toward the prize.
May we praise You to the skies.

© 2010 by Susan K Hawthorne
Released under Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial, Non-Derivative Works License US 3.0