The Year is Swiftly Waning - How/Fr. Mel.
Artist: Susan Hawthorne
by Wlm . W. How, 1871, Music by Susan K Hawthorne

The year is swiftly waning,
The summer days are past;
And this brief life is speeding;
The end is nearing fast.
The ever changing seasons
In silence come and go;
But Thou, eternal Father,
No time or change can know.

O, pour Thy grace upon us,
That we may readier be,
Each year that passes o’er us,
To dwell in heaven with Thee.
Behold the bending orchards
With bounteous fruit are crowned;
Lord, in our hearts more richly
Let heavenly fruits abound.

O, by each mercy sent us,
And by each grief and pain,
By blessings like the sunshine,
And sorrows like the rain.
Our barren hearts make fruitful
With every goodly grace,
That we Thy Name may hallow,
And see at last Thy face.

© 2009 by Susan K Hawthorne
Released under Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial, Non-Derivative Works License US 3.0