Artist: Susan Hawthorne
By Susan K Hawthorne

From the ashes of sorrow and pain,
From the ebbing of vigor and gain,
From the sting of what’s lost,
From the shards and the cost,
From the questions that come in the rain,
You are rebuilding, rebuilding, O Lord.
You are rebuilding your Church.

In the fullness of what You can see,
In the reaches of eternity,
In my soul, grow the need,
In my heart, plant the seed,
In Your knowledge of what I should be,
You are rebuilding, rebuilding, O Lord,
You are rebuilding your child.

For the nations that cry in the night,
For the frightened, caught up in the fight,
May your mercy rebuild
What our madness has killed.
May Your day come to rule in the right.
You are rebuilding-- rebuild us, O Lord!
You will rebuild Your loved world.

Even so, Lord Jesus, come quickly.
Even so, to the wounded and lost.
Even so, make us lift up our heads
And remember Your vict’ry was won at the cross.

To You we are crying,
Your presence desiring,
Come quickly to live through in our hearts, hands, and words.
Help us rebuild for the sake of Your Kingdom, help us rebuild Your loved world.

©Copyright 2010 by Susan K Hawthorne,
Released under the Creative Commons License Attributive, Non-Commercial, No-Derivative-Wks, 3.0 US