I Will Go
Artist: Christian Mission Music
When Christ took the route to where He ultimately would redeem all men from sin, He did it through blood, pain and suffering. We too must take up our cross. It is not that we seek suffering but rather suffering will be met along the road. However, Christ carries and strengthens us if we are willing to endure and keep going toward the goal for His Name’s sake. This is His witness through us to all mankind.

Please read Luke 14:26-35

I Will Go

I will go down this road
Jesus knows where it goes
This is where
I lift my cross to bear.

Dried up tears flood again
Riding on waves of pain
Through the storm
His mercy leads me on.

If I should be knocked down
He catches me with hands so strong
A light which guides till dawn
His Rock protects me from all harm.

When wounds heal, peace abounds
Mercy builds, love is found
This is why
I walk this road of life.

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