He is Born
Artist: Susan Hawthorne
He is born, the div-ine Christ-child!
Play the mus-ette, play the ob-oe mer-ri-ly!
He is born, the div-ine Christ child!
Sing we now to an-nounce His birth!

Bless-èd proph-ets fore-told His day,
Our Em-an-u-el, God is with us.
Babe a-sleep on a bed of hay,
Sing His prais-es, re-joice and say,

"He is born, the div-ine Christ-child!
Might-y King, in a hum-ble mang-er,
He is born, the div-ine Christ-child!
Sing we now to an-nounce His day!"

In the dark-ness, shines a light,
In the gloom, a glor-y bright.
Hope has come to us this night,
Ly-ing in a mang-er.

Mar-y, kiss your bab-y sweet,
Touch His tin-y hands and feet.
Wor-ship Heav-en’s joy com-plete,
Ly-ing in a mang-er.

Prais-es ring-ing in the field,
Shep-herds hear the news re-vealed,
Christ has come, His grace to wield,
Find Him in a mang-er.

Link your life to God’s own Son,
Find His grac-ious reign be-gun.
Heav’n is won, and death un-done,
Start-ing from the mang-er.

Christ, in such a world of night,
May we grasp Your glor-ious might,
Trust Your grace, and spread Your light.
Shel-ter us from dang-er,
Lord who knew the mang-er.

Il est né, le divin enfant,
[Men: Sing unto the Lord a new song!]

Jouez hautbois, resonnez musettes, [Praise our God in his sanctuary.]

Il est né le divin enfant,
[Men: With Psalms & hymns & spiritual songs, bless Him!]

All: Chantons tous son avenement.

Oh, sound His praise!
[Free SAB choir octavo with piano accompaniment available on artist's website: www.susansfreechristianmusic.com]

Copyright 2010 by Susan K Hawthorne,
Released under Creative Commons License Attributive, Non-Commercial, No-Derivative-Works 3.0 US