Christmas Reflection
Artist: Susan Hawthorne
Christmas Reflection
By Susan Hawthorne

I can see each light on the web of stars
From my window pane,
Chart the Pleiades and the orb of Mars,
Heavenly worlds aflame.

What did wisemen see in such pageantry
Written in the night?
Was the promise true of a someone who
Could bring in the right?

They walked for years to find what they had lived their lives to see.
With each weary mile, they saved a smile for the child on Mary’s knee.

With a footsore soul and a life to go,
I’ve walked years on hope,
Looking for a friend at the journey’s end,
And a broader scope.

Will the fears and tears of these wandering years
Make me turn aside?
No, my heart is stayed on the One who made
The heavens wide.

He left His home to be what I have lived my life to see.
In each weary mile, I will save a smile for the man of Galilee.

For the God who made the planet spin
Loved you enough to take on skin.
And the one who let you choose your way,
Is holding out His arms today.

We’ve walked for years to find the life He died for us to see.
In each living mile, we can share a smile with the King who set us free.

©Copyright 2010 by Susan K Hawthorne,
Released under Creative Commons Lic. Attributive, Non-Commerical, No-Derivative Wks. 3.0 US